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Dusseldorf is a modern and cosmopolitan town in Germany and the capital city of the German state North Rhine-Westphalia. The city is known as an international business center and has a reputation as a fashion metropolis. Being an important central junction for international economy and trade, the city is frequently visited by businessmen. But also, tourists all over the world appreciate and love the exquisite city by the river Rhine. The best way to explore this magical city is accompanied by a beautiful escorts Dusseldorf. A charming escort from the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area can sweeten your stay in Dusseldorf. Whether you are in town for business or just for some relaxation, you will fall in love with this town very quickly. As a luxury Escort agency, we can provide you with elegant female companions, who will show you around the city.

If you are in search of a high-class escort Dusseldorf, we can introduce you to the most desirable ladies of the city. Furthermore, we can organize some more aspects of your stay in Dusseldorf for you. The Dusseldorf VIP escorts takes charge of making reservations at Dusseldorf’s finest restaurants for you or coordinates your visit at cultural events. Therefore, you are able to enjoy your stay in Dusseldorf even a little more with our support. You will inspried by Escorts Dusseldorf and won’t regret it.

High Class escorts Dusseldorf – Spend your time with a tempting lady

Sophisticated Escorts Dusseldorf would consider themselves lucky if they could keep you company during your stay in Dusseldorf. You will experience a divine time in the city escorted by a glamorous seductress. All the escorts are fascinating, well-educated and accustomed to every social setting possible. To add some spice to your stay in Dusseldorf, the ladies will show you the sights of the city. Dusseldorf is considered to be one of Europe’s hotspots in terms of fashion, business and a delightful life. The city is famous for its manifold shopping possibilities. The Königsallee, also known as the “Kö” is Germany’s busiest, upscale shopping street. Königsallee houses some of the world’s luxurious brands and noblest boutiques. If you are fond of designer clothing and internationally known labels you will be pleasantly surprised by the shopping metropolis Dusseldorf. You’ll be able to dress your pretty companion to match your personal taste and she will count herself lucky, to be spoilt this way. More than 60 stores in the city Centre invite you to browse around.

Many of the exciting escort service Dusseldorf models resident in Dusseldorf and therefore they know the top places and squares in the city. During a walk across one of Dusseldorf’s spacious parklands, you can get to know your irresistible escort a little bit better. Whether the two of you stroll around the Botanical garden of VIP escorts Dusseldorf or take a pleasant walk through the Hofgarten, you will get to know the city at its most attractive. Furthermore, you can spend a great day with your charming deluxe escort at the Medienhafen Dusseldorf. And there is still so much more to discover in the capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Experience a perfect day at Dusseldorf’s Old Town

The well-preserved old town is well worth a little detour. One highlight of escort service Dusseldorf’s old town is the imposing town hall. The city hall complex consists of three buildings from various periods. The old city hall, the Wilhelminischer Bau and the Grupello house at the western side of market place. Constructed in 1875, the Wilhelminischer Bau was rebuilt after the war in a new design. You will also find a large equestrian statue of Elector John William II at the market place. This statue was erected in 1711 and is considered to be one of the most beautiful equestrian statues north of the Alps. If you are enthusiastic about old castles, you should definitely visit the old Castle tower on the banks of the river Rhine. This tower is the last remaining structure of the old palace of Dusseldorf. The old palace was destroyed by fire in the year 1882. Nowadays the tower houses the Rhine Maritime Museum, one of Germany’s oldest marine museums.

But the old town of Dusseldorf has plenty more to offer. For example, the numerous narrow streets of the old town. Accompanied by your cute escort, you can take a small break from your turbulent city life and enjoy a cool beer in a small and cosy pub. Around 250 pubs, restaurants and bars can be discovered in Dusseldorf. In addition, there are excellent breweries, where you can taste with high class escorts Dusseldorf’s very own brew.

Dusseldorf – A dream come true for cultural lovers

If you are into art and culture, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit Dusseldorf’s great number of museums. The charming Dusseldorf based High-Class escorts Dusseldorf can give you an understanding of Dusseldorf’s museum landscape. The Kunsthalle Dusseldorf is the right place to explore the contemporary art scene. The Kunsthalle Dusseldorf was built in 1967 by the architects Konrad Beckmann and Brockes in the style of brutalist architecture. The museum is located in the immediate vicinity of the K20 in Dusseldorf’s Old Town. The museum Kunstpalast is also an important art facility of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area. In company of a Dusseldorf Escort service you can look at artwork dating from the 3rd century BC to the present day. Sculptures, drawings and photos are only some of the highlights exhibited in the museum. Also of interest to art lovers is the North Rhine-Westphalia Art Collection. This institution is divided into three different exhibition venues across the town. One of it, the K20 is located at Grabbeplatz, another one, the K21 is situated in the Ständehaus building. In this 19th-century location you can look at a variety of installations focusing on modern painting and drawing. The third exhibition venue can be found in the Schmela Haus. Founded in 1961, the museum has earned an international reputation during its 56-year history. With its three locations, the museum has more than 10,000 m² of exhibition surface at its disposal.

The escorts Dusseldorf provides you with an elegant female companion that displays a particularly high degree of interest in cultural matters and is well educated. There are several ways you can spend time with your beautiful female escorts in Dusseldorf

The city offers, for example, different kinds of evening entertainments. Accompanied by a magnificent woman you can visit the Deutsche Opera am Rhein. The opera is a cooperative effort between the cities of escort service Dusseldorf and Duisburg. The musical institution also has an associated classical ballet company. Listen to superb presentations of the world’s most famous operas and plays at this opera. Likewise worthwhile is a visit in the Tonhalle Dusseldorf. This famous concert hall houses the Dusseldorfer Symphoniker, a skilfull orchestra, that plays their symphonic repertoire at the Tonhalle. Don’t miss the chance to join a classical concert together with a sophisticated lady. The moment your escort shows up in an elegant dress to your opera date, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her for the rest of the evening.

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Experience sensual nights in Dusseldorf luxury Escorts

Dusseldorf is a cosmopolitan city that hosts people from different countries and with different lifestyles. So, it is hardly surprising that the city has a bustling nightlife. Whether you want to have “one for the road” in one of the various pubs or dance the night away with your sexy companion in a nightclub. The escorts Dusseldorf nightlife won’t disappoint you.

The Stahlwerk is one of the largest nightclubs in town and located in an industrial suburb. Besides DJs playing, there are sometimes live acts of various genres, who entertain the visitors in this cool location.

Another popular nightclub is El Papagayo. This club offers different themed nights throughout the week. Due to its central location, the club is very popular amongst tourists and locals.

If you love the relaxing atmosphere in a jazz club, you will be into the club Dr. Jazz. Great music and an exciting company will sweeten your evening.

Another great way to spend a lovely evening is to drink a delicious cocktail in the Cubanito’s. This popular bar and club is located in the old town and serves up a wide range of exotic cocktails. The resident DJ plays rousing music that challenges you to dance.

Another part of the town that is well known for its nightlife is the Mediahafen. A stroll along the promenade will take you past many options to dance the night away. Hand in hand with a tempting Escort Agency Dusseldorf you can enjoy the reflections on the River Rhine by night. Your sexy companion will show you parts of the city that you wouldn’t have found on your own. The High Class Escort Dusseldorf will make your stay in the city an enjoyable unique experience.

Touristical attractions of escort agency Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is not only an international business and financial centre, but also a historic city and a landscape steeped in culture. Your exquisite escort will show you around town and give you an understanding of the city’s most interesting spots.


The Rheinturm dominates the visual appearance of the city. The building is a 240-metre-high concrete telecommunications tower and thereby the tallest construction in town. The high observation deck gives you the opportunity to enjoy a full-circle view on the entire city. The observation deck is open to visitors, daily from 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM. In the evenings you can dine in the revolving Günnewig restaurant high over the rooftops of the city. With a lovely companion the meal tastes twice as good as usual. After sunset the tower lights up and the light sculpture on its shaft works as a clock. A truly beautiful sight.

Schloss Benrath

Situated with escort service Dusseldorf southern distract, Benrath, you can find the famous Schloss Benrath. It is only a ten-kilometer journey from the city centre of Dusseldorf to the splendid Baroque palace. The palace was constructed between 1756 and 1773 by Nicolas de Pigage. At first you can enjoy a stroll around the huge and beautiful garden, which is divided in several areas of different gardening styles. The biggest part of the garden constitutes hunting grounds with tall trees and a circular place in the middle. The western side of the sprawling parklands gives you direct access to the Rhine, so you can take a relaxing walk along the river.

The palace and park Benrath was originally constructed as a summer and hunting residence for Elector Carl Theodor. The sumptuous interior of the palace is absolutely impressing. The castle is home to three great museums. The museum Corps de Logis is located in the palace’s main building. In this institution the history of Benrath and its architecture is portrayed. The museum for Landscape art and the Natural Science museum are situated in other park buildings.


Kaiserwerth is located in the northern part of the city and one of escort agency Dusseldorf’s oldest neighborhoods. Together with your adventurous escort you can explore many old buildings as the picturesque ruins of the “Kaiserpfalz” or the Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa’s “Royal Palace”. The Royal Palace dates back to the 10th century and was built under the rule of Emperor Heinrich III. Later, between the years 1174 and 1184 it was enlarged by Emperor Barbarossa because he was in need of a fortress to control the Rhine. Admire the impressive castle ruins that are still up to 4.5 meters thick. You can reach the ruin via public transport or choose the more romantic way to travel to the castle and take a cruise by boat. Perhaps you would like to take a lovely walk on the idyllic Burgweg with a Dusseldorf High Class escorts and enjoy the magnificent view of the palace. No matter how you want so to spend your time in Kaiserwerth, with such a breathtaking company it’s going to be a memorable day.


A stroll around Medienhafen provides you with a good insight of the modern architecture that shapes the newly designed harbor. The harbor has undergone a huge transformation from mostly simple silos and warehouses to modern building complexes designed by internationally known architects. Numerous companies have settled in the area of the Medienhafen and revitalized the quarter. Media and communication companies as well as fashion and art companies enrich the neighborhood. Around 700 companies are now located in the newly designed harbor. Internationally renowned architects like Frank O. Gehry, Steven Holl and David Chipperfield. The Canadian born architect Frank Gehry designed three buildings in Neue Zollhof that appears like gigantic sculptures. You shouldn’t miss the chance to take a look at these striking geometrical silhouettes.

The Medienhafen are escorts Dusseldorf is nowadays a popular district that offers varied entertainments and distractions. If you want to spend your time in an area, that combines the better of two worlds, then a visit at the Medienhafen is part of the obligatory program. You won’t regret your decision.


To put a smile on the face of your dreamlike escort, you should saunter with her around Königsallee, escort Agency Dusseldorf’s most elegant shopping street. The “Kö”, as the locals call this shopping paradise, is a place where you can find every important designer label and fashionable brands. All your luxury requests will be satisfied on this boulevard, whether you are in search of fashion, jewelry or culinary delights. But besides the multiple shopping opportunities, the Königsallee has a lot more to offer. The boulevard extends over a kilometer from North to South and starts at the Hofgarten. The west side of the Königsallee has become a top address for luxury hotels. You can find the Steigenberger Parkhotel, the Breidenbacher Hof and the InterContinental along the Königsallee.

It is not surprising that the Kö has among the highest rents for retail and office space in the country.

A beautiful tree-lined canal improves the visual appearance of the famous Königsallee. Around 120 chestnut trees line the road and have a lasting impact on the boulevard’s look. The Königsallee ends at the Triton Fountain, a magnificent structure that has been constructed by Friedrich Coubillier in 1898 to 1902.

Nordpark’s Japanese Garden

After an eventful day in the capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, you can complete your day by strolling around the Japanese garden. The Japanese garden is one of Dusseldorf’s most popular parks. The garden is located in the north-west corner of the Nordpark and is said to be the quietest part of the park. You can admire numerous traditional elements of Japanese horticulture in this park complex. Together with your female escorts Dusseldorf you can follow a looping trail through the Japanese Garden. Most of the plants in the park are arranged in a special way that express a deep and symbolic meaning. There is a special atmosphere in this popular park that causes the air to vibrate. Savor this special moment by looking deep in the eyes of an appealing female by escort Dusseldorf.

The Embankment Promenade

Another way to spend some time alone with your pretty companion is a walk along the Embankment Promenade. Enjoy the city’s riverside to the full and stroll along this long pedestrian route that is lined by restaurants, bars and galleries. The promenade offers a slice of the typical escort service Dusseldorf life. Sometimes tranquil and sometimes lively. Side by side with an irresistible woman while gazing over the river, make life worth living.

The river Rhine is one of Europe’s longest rivers and the centerpiece of Dusseldorf’s way of life. The escort agency Dusseldorf Rhine promenade is always filled with people, laughter and life. The Embankment Promenade runs all the way from the Oberkassel Bridge to the state’s Parliament buildings.

Get to know the High Class Escort Dusseldorf

We want to make your stay in Dusseldorf as delightful as possible. Therefore, we want to provide you with a perfect female companion. Our professional staff would be delighted to help you find a suitable escort. It is much nicer to spend your stay in Dusseldorf in a pleasant company the escort agency Dusseldorf than to explore the city on your own. Tell our employees what kind of woman makes your heart beat faster and we will provide you with the perfect match. All our exquisite escort models appreciate a genuine conversation, but are willing to savor different amusements at the same time. The charming escorts of the VIP escorts Dusseldorf value originality and are open-minded. Discover what our escorts Dusseldorfs have to offer and enjoy a delicious dinner or a wild night out in Dusseldorf’s exciting nightlife in their company. All of our adorable models are able to create memories that you will hold dear for the rest of your lifetime. Our escort service Dusseldorf is eager to gratify your personal wishes and desires and of course we assure you our absolute discretion. Features like integrity, humor, intelligence and personality let our escorts stand out from other women. Escorts from Dusseldorf are known for their impeccable fashion sense and are always perfectly dressed. You can declare yourself lucky to have that kind of woman by your side. The pretty escort service Dusseldorf can’t wait to show you the magic of this trendy metropolis.

The most elegant hotels in Dusseldorf

The sophisticated gentleman with high end demands will feel comfortable with the wide range of hotel accommodations Dusseldorf has to offer. Most of the hotels in the capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia have particularly high standards and give you the opportunity to relax in absolute style.

Breidenbacher Hof Dusseldorf

The Breidenbacher Hof is an exclusive luxury hotel that is situated on the famous Königsallee. The hotel will exceed your expectations with its turn-of-the-century architecture and its contemporary design. The suites command a separate living room, a wall mounted flat screen in both the living room and the bedroom, a complimentary wireless Internet access and a bedside touch panel control for lighting, air conditioning and drapes. In addition to that you can enjoy a panoramic view overlooking Dusseldorf escorts A rain shower, a hot tub and a built-in mirror television are the perfect finishing for the luxury ambience.

You can leave the stress of your everyday life behind by using the indoor pool in the hotel-owned Spa together with your gorgeous companion. After swimming a little while you can sweat in one of the two Finnish saunas or the steam bath. Moreover, you will find a great fitness center in this first-class accommodation.

Exclusive culinary delicacies are awaiting you at the Breidenbacher Hof. Dining at the Brasserie “1806” is a sensual pleasure. The Brasserie “1806” combines an attentive escort service Dusseldorf and a relaxing atmosphere. You can eat fine regional food and delicious French cuisine in the restaurant headed by Chef Philipp Ferber.

Steigenberger Parkhotel Dusseldorf the high class escorts Dusseldorf

This 5-star luxury hotel is located in the Centre of the city on the Königsallee. With its 130 rooms and its 11 suites the hotel has a lot to offer. The junior suite is equipped with classic décor and a cozy double bed. A work desk, a seating area and a Nespresso coffee machine makes the Junior Suite perfectly suitable for business travelers. If you are stressed, you can relax in the fitness and wellness area of the hotel. Apart from the Junior Suite, you can book the Superior or the Deluxe Suite. After a truly wonderful day with your Female escorts Dusseldorf, you can ask your attractive companion out to dinner in one of the Steigenberger Parkhotel’s bars or restaurants. You can choose between the Restaurant Artiste, the Steigenberger Eck and the Étoile.

At the restaurant Artiste an exquisite cuisine with a highly varied menu is awaiting you. From the restaurant you have a spectacular view over the Hofgarten park and the Kö-Bogen complex. If you like, you can be served in the winter garden by our service staff as well.

You can experience atmospheric moments with your divine escort at the Étoile. Listening to the sound of the piano player, you can taste delicious cocktails or a glass of fine whisky. There is no better place to flirt outrageously with your sexy escort after a stimulating day.

InterContinental Dusseldorf

The InterContinental Dusseldorf is also situated on the Königsallee. From this location you can reach the Rhine, the charming old town and the Messe Dusseldorf trade fair within a few minutes. A lot of celebrities are regularly staying in this luxury accommodation.

You can choose to stay over in one of the 253 double rooms, 32 executive suites, a presidential suite or a lifestyle suite. All of the rooms correspond to the highest standards and will satisfy all your needs.

You can have a tasty dinner at the Pega restaurant and enjoy international cuisine combined with local ingredients. Chef Norman Metzing creates dishes that even gourmets will savor. The stylish wood paneling and the soft lightening perfect the dining experience.

Enjoy a candle-light dinner with your beautiful High Class Escort Dusseldorf

In terms of culinary regards, Dusseldorf has a wide diversity to offer. When it comes to culinary riches, the city has been attracting food lovers from all over the world. Traditional food and haute cuisine are just as popular as fusion food or authentic Asian cooking. Discover the exquisite tastes of the city accompanied by a wonderful escorts Dusseldorf

DOX Restaurant

The DOX restaurant is located on the upper floors of the Hyatt Regency. The restaurant combines glamorous interiors and a modern atmosphere with a classic Japanese kitchen. Germany’s biggest Japanese community is settled in Dusseldorf. So it is no surprise that you can get the best typical Japanese food in this town german-wide. Enjoy some marinated fruits and the tasty chirashi rice DOX. The escort agency Dusseldorf can also recommend trying a mélange of a fresh fish, shrimps or a yuzu mayo. You shouldn’t miss this culinary pleasure.


The Sansibar is a great restaurant with a welcoming interior and a friendly service. The local offers a multitude of international dishes from steaks over fresh fish to the typical German Currywurst. The Sansibar is located on the first floor of the Breuniger Centre on the Königsallee. Together with your pretty companion you can enjoy the fantastic panoramic view over the river Rhine, while drinking a fine wine.

4 Seasons

The restaurant 4 Seasons is located in Dusseldorf’s historic quarter, the Kaiserswerth. It opened in 1996 and offers Japanese specialties like classic sushi, grilled eel on rice or Japanese noodle soup.

In the summer you can sit outside on the terrace and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the historic Kaiserwerth. When temperatures drop, you can withdraw to the lovely restaurant. If you love authentic sushi, you should invite your female escorts Dusseldorf to this exquisite location. The low-fat and well-balanced cuisine is highly appreciated by health-conscious women.


Another great Japanese restaurant invites you and your beautiful escort service Dusseldorf to gormandize. We are talking about the great Nagaya restaurant. What makes this restaurant so excellent is its simplicity combined with creativity. Yoshizumi Nagaya, who owns the restaurant and cooks regularly in his kitchen, was educated by a traditional and an innovative master of Japanese cooking. No one less than Takada Hasho, a grand-master of traditional Japanese cuisine, trained Nagaya. The restaurant is known for combining traditional Japanese dishes with modern European haute cuisine. The Michelin starred restaurant will inspire and delight you. Our escort agency Dusseldorf can obviously organize a date in this restaurant for you and your female companion.

Victorian Restaurant

The Victorian restaurant is famous for its award-winning gourmet dishes. Innovative food combinations and modern cooking methods characterize this great restaurant. Fresh ingredients are turned into delicious meals. Enjoy the taste of fresh fish and crunchy vegetables or other delicious dishes. The restaurant is the perfect place to have a lunchtime snack, but you can also enjoy an extensive dinner in this award-winning restaurant. Your female escort will love it.

Have a drink with your Dusseldorf Escort

If you’re not into going to nightclubs but want to spend a night out with your sexy escorts Dusseldorf there are a lot of opportunities are at hand. Whether you want to taste a good beer, or you are crazy about cocktails, Dusseldorf’s nightlife won’t disappoint you. It is not without reason that Dusseldorf is called “the longest beerbar in the world”.


After a stressful week of meetings and enormous amounts of work, the Hyatt bar is the perfect place to relax. This glamorous location reflects the lifestyle of the city Dusseldorf impeccable. The company is located at the Hyatt complex, from where you have a great view over the Mediahafen area. Wine, soft drinks or cocktails, the range of drinks you can order here, is extremely vast. In the Hyattbar you can show off your lovely escort and enjoy her presence.

The Ugly Deluxe

Don’t be fooled by the name of this bar. Because in this bar you won’t find anything that is not absolutely beautiful. In this case, the word “ugly” is clearly meant ironically. They is located in the Aachener street and fascinates with its simplistic furniture design and its snow-white walls. In 2004 the bar opened the Ugly Deluxe and pursues the goal, to lastingly maintain. You can’t resist this great location, once you’ve entered the ugly deluxe bar for the first time. The mysterious ambiance puts a spell on you immediately. Check it out for yourself.

The Club Boheme

If you don’t want to dance the night away, you should only visit the Boheme during the week. During the week you can relax in this location and enjoy a tasteful beer. The High-Class escorts Dusseldorf provides you with the perfect companion to get to know this place.

Bar Alexander

If you are obsessed with fresh mixed cocktails, you should definitely visit the Bar Alexander. This location is one of the most popular places to satisfy your desire to have an excellent cocktail. Whether you feel like drinking a classic cocktail or want to try something new, the elegant Bar Alexander is the place to be. Guests appreciate the tasteful furnishing of this location and love the so called “cocktail lottery”. During this “event” the barkeeper offers five mini cocktails in a round to keep his guests entertained. Cultivated bar culture characterizes this location. What better place could there be to show your cultivated escort service Dusseldorf lady off?


This tiny company is a real insider tip for all of you pub lovers. This bar is just a little corner pub. There are only two tables in this small establishment and a few stools, but that does not imply that your fun is necessarily reduced. Quite the contrary is correct. An authentic artsy atmosphere characterizes this bar best. Now and then there is great live music in the Kreuzherreneck Bar that rises the mood of everybody involved. If you have never tried the famous Altbier, this is the time and place to do it.

Dusseldorf is Germany’s fashion capital

Dusseldorf is a major cultural center for the art and fashion scene. The city has developed from a small village into an important international business center. Hundreds of showrooms and international designers shape the city image. There is no other city in Germany, in which business and culture mix in this way. Thousands of companies in the fashion sector are operating in Dusseldorf and important trade fairs take place in the city.

For all these reasons fashion is omnipresent in this city. Dusseldorf is a diverse shopping city that provides you with luxury brands and a large variety of goods. Not only is the famous Königsallee a shopping paradise. Likewise, the Schadowstraße gives you a lot of shopping opportunities. The Schadowstraße is located in Dusseldorf’s city centre and the longest and most popular shopping street. On this boulevard everybody will find something to suit his budget. Around 200 shops on the Schadowerstraße are awaiting to be discovered by you. Another location for you and your elegant companion to act out your shopping desire is the old town. Small boutiques and second-hand shops are lined up along the streets. Every lane in the old town contains something to discover. Just stroll along the charming old town and enjoy the company of a beautiful woman from escorts Dusseldorf

But there are a lot more locations where you can shop without restraint. The Flingern district for example, is a colourful area with a vibrant history. The district has a cool urban flair and is home to a lot of creative and multilayered people. Owner-run boutiques, galleries and designer studios contribute to the charm of this district.

If you are still not tired of your shopping trip, you should check out Carlstadt. Located between the Rhine embankment promenade and the Schwanenspiegel lake, the historic area of Carlstadt is awaiting you. You can experience an extravagant shopping day in Carlstadt. Accompanied by High-Class Escorts Dusseldorf, you can wander through the colorful streets of Carlstadt and stop for a bite to eat in one of the small cafes.

A specialty of Dusseldorf is its large Japanese community. If you want to immerse into the Japanese culture for a little bit, you should visit the Japan quarter. Little Tokyo is awaiting you at Immermannstraße. A lot of Asian restaurants, bars and Japanese book stores want to be discovered. If there is not enough time to fly to Japan, you can take a little time out at the Japan quarter. Your attractive escort will look gorgeous in a colorful kimono. Give it a go.

high class escort dusseldorf

Dusseldorf Lifestyle – Altbier and Dusseldorf belong together

The VIP escorts that originate from the Dusseldorf area, will gladly introduce you to the famous German Altbier. Altbier is brewed in five breweries in Dusseldorf. Four of the five breweries are located in the historic old town of the city. Altbier is copper-, bronze- or amber-coloured beer that has a darker shade than regular beer. The taste of this beer is slightly bitter, but fruity at the same time. Altbier has been evolved a long time ago. The beverage has first been mentioned approximately 3,000 years ago. Altbier as we know it today was developed in the 19th century. The name “Altbier” has been selected because of its typical fermentation style. The fermentation yeast is the oldest way of processing beer. Another process of brewing beer is the bottom-fermentation.

In the company of an exclusive escort service Dusseldorf  your first “Altbier” will be better tasting than you expect. And just in case you won’t like the taste, your beautiful companion can distract you in a minute.

Explore Dusseldorf by boat

If you visit the capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia we highly recommend you to experience the flair of the metropolis by boat. Sitting on the deck of a boat, you get a stunning view of the numerous attractions along the banks of the river Rhine. There a different kind of boat tours, that show you various aspects of the city. On a sunny day, you and your sexy companion can cruise to the nearby city of Cologne. Dusseldorf and Cologne are only about 40 kilometers apart from each other. But the two cities are united in a regional rivalry. The rivalry includes aspects like carnival parades, soccer or beer.

After you hop off the boat, you will be hungry very likely. If you are open-minded to new experiences in culinary regards, you should try traditional rheinische meals. A traditional dish in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area is a “Rheinischer Sauerbraten”. This meal contains of beef roast that is marinated for a few days in vinegar and spices served with gravy and raisins. Sometimes the used meat is horse and not beef.

Another typical meal is the so called Heaven and Earth. This dish contains of black pudding with stewed apples mixed with tasty mashed potatoes. If you are into sweet food, you should not miss the chance to get to know a new flavor.

When it comes to culinary diversity, the escort service Dusseldorf area has a lot to offer. Dusseldorf is home to various Michelin starred restaurants, which attract people from all over the world. Accompanied by your lovely escort, you can have a fancy dinner in one of these restaurants. Our escort agency Dusseldorf would be happy to organize such a date for you.

If you are a fan of Asian food, Dusseldorf is the right place for you. The city has the third largest Japanese community in Europe and therefore there is a wide range of authentic Japanese cuisine in town. Dusseldorf’s exceptional culinary cuisine has not been unnoticed. Just tell our staff members what you would like to eat and we can make some suggestions.

The VIP escorts Dusseldorf wants you to be completely satisfied

With the help of our escort agency Dusseldorf you can expect the most memorable encounters with the most seductive escort models. Our escort ladies are enthusiastic about Dusseldorf and would be happy to show you the most exciting corners of this metropolis. We can offer you a wide range of beautiful escorts and we will find a lady that fits your needs perfectly. To make sure that our escorts have all the abilities that are essential for an exquisite female companion, our ladies go through detailed interviews and intensive screening processes. This way we can guarantee our high-quality standards. Our employees would call themselves lucky if they could assist you in finding the perfect escort model for your specific wishes. With our luxury escorts Dusseldorf you can be sure to experience indescribable and unforgettable adventure in Dusseldorf. Our stunning ladies know exactly what an upscale gentleman wants and needs and how to distract him from his daily routine. Trust in our experience of finding the perfect associate for you and enjoy your stay in Dusseldorf with all your senses.

Let yourself go with your charming VIP escorts Dusseldorf

No matter if you are in Dusseldorf because of business matters or just on a personal vacation, our escort is happy to accompany you during your stay in town. The ladies can attend you to a prestigious event or accompany you on a business meeting. After an exciting day of eventful action, you surely want to have some alone time with your companion. Great restaurants and dimly bars invite you to get to know your sexy companion a little bit better. Deep conversations and an intense eye contact get yourself in the mood for a tingling night. Dusseldorf is a fascinating city that could make your dreams come true. What you get up to on your exclusive date is completely your business. Whatever it is, that awakens your desire, and we can offer it to you. Is there a lack of freedom in your life or are you in need of this extra excitement you haven’t felt in so many years? We can be at your service. You want a lovely escort that attend you at an exclusive event or a classic concert? We can provide you with the perfect match for every occasion. If you are interested in art, you should pay a visit to one of escorts Dusseldorf 26 museums. Famous institutions like the art palace Dusseldorf or the museum art palace are pleasant pastime visits. In the field of contemporary art nothing compares to the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. Thomas Ruff, Candida Höfer or Thomas Struth are some of the famous artist of the so called “Becher School”.

If you visit the escort service Dusseldorf at the beginning of September, come and join the Baroque Festival at Benrath Palace together with your exquisite escort model. Dressed up like the beauty she really is, the escort will look spectacular at your side. The festival is taking place at the Benrath palace and has a lot to offer. Grand artists and stunning costumes are only some of the appealing features of this festival.

Lovely Escorts will sweeten your stay in Dusseldorf

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